June 22, 2013

For our Children

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‘What are you teaching them?’

It has come to my attention that our children are in a very difficult position. I believe it is about time something was done about it.

A friend of a friend had a little boy who was quite recently admitted to a private school. It happened that one day, the little child wanting to go to the bathroom, told the teacher so. The teacher directed him with the result that the child, unable to find the bathroom, and unable to hold it in, relieved himself on his clothes, soiling his trousers.

The teacher, having found out about it, removed the child’s trousers and undergarments, leaving him with only his school shirt on and took him back to his classroom.

The poor child was forced to sit in such a situation among the children, both boys and girls. But that was not all. He was harassed by the other little children who kept lifting his shirt to expose him to them. This incident, I was told happened more than once to the point where the child is now traumatized psychologically and refuses to go to school; not just the particular school but any school for that matter.

Teachers, is this how you behave in the school? Are you this incompetent and cruel? Is it normal for you to place a child in such an embarrassing position? Did it not occur to you to take the child away or discipline the other children on witnessing your mistake?

Parents, is this the type of children you are raising, the type who would have so little innocence and modesty so as to abuse another child? Do you not discipline your child and teach them right from wrong? Do you allow them to act so freely at home too? Are you even at home with them when they are? Or is this normal for you? Teachers, parents, is this how it is supposed to be? The parent of that particular child disagrees.  And this particular parent has the support of many other parents.

Finally, principal, do you know about this? Do you care enough to know about it? Are you going to let it go? Will you let it happen again? Do you even disapprove of what the teacher did or would you have done the same?

Adults, we have a problem; a problem that is going to, if it has not already, affect our children tremendously. We are creating a society where not only pedophiles harm children but where other children innocently harass children, a society where parents cannot trust teachers anymore and a society where the teacher is just the woman in the classroom not the woman who moulds the future of the children so the nation may be brighter.

If the incident I have related and the questions I have posed fail to affect you, the reader, you are cruel and heartless or have forgotten what is right and wrong because even society does not know the difference anymore. If it has affected you, I am not asking for a war, all I ask is that you be aware and create awareness because if there is no hope with the teachers, there is hope for your child with you.

Do something before it is too late. Speak up and that will take you a long way.


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  1. It is very important that these cases are investigated and teachers given proper orientation in handling kids. Now a days teaching profession has become highly commercialized and lost its values.

    Comment by Zuhair — June 26, 2013 @ 1:31 pm |Reply

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