July 6, 2013

Ice cream

Filed under: Fiction — by Zuhair @ 11:35 am

It was a bright, sunny day. The sun did not hesitate to blaze and burn the sand. He showed no mercy in warming all colors; olive, dark, light and pale were equally exposed. His yellow eyes glared and stared, causing the poor plant to wither and thirsty street cat to pant like a dog.  I sat under the large tree in the park. As I moved slightly underneath it, I could hear the leaves crushing underneath my weight as if relieved to finally be forced into the cool soil.

The sprinklers were turned on and fought the cruel sun to feed the thirsty grass. I watched as the earth hungrily gulped the drops that they were blessed with. Part of me wished I could be that grass for I had no water to drink.

I heard a voice shouting in my direction. It came from a familiar person. He wore a blue uniform and sat at the gates of the park. Every afternoon, he would come to me and chase me away and I knew that that was what he had come for today. I had no choice. I stood up and walked away. I walked the streets as the sun burnt my back through my rags and the ground burnt the soles of my feet as it rebelled against the glowing sun.

I saw a little girl and she had an ice cream. Oh! What I wouldn’t give for a lick. It was smooth and silky and it was white. The sun couldn’t reach it. I watched her as she devoured it. I wanted that ice cream. She walked away from the store and I followed her hungrily, hoping that by some mean twist of fate, she would drop it. I watched and waited and prayed and hoped but half her ice cream was already gone.

I heard a bell, like that of a bicycle. It was coming closer and closer. I could see it from a distance. The flag at the back of it was as yellow as the sun but I burned with anger as I realized that it blew for the wind and the sun could not harm it. I wished I could ride that bicycle and feel the wind in my hair.

The bicycle came closer and closer. It was right in the path of the girl and her ice cream. Why wouldn’t she just drop it, so I could have it? She turned around and looked at me. I realized I had made a sound with my torn shoe as it brushed against a pebble. She froze. Did she know I was following her?

And then the boy rode his bicycle faster and faster and faster and that was when the glorious sun showed me mercy. The bicycle had hit her and she was on the ground. The boy had fallen off. Where was her ice cream? There it was, still not melted and still enough left to quench my thirst.

People rushed to help her but not me. I had to have that ice cream. I picked it up and walked away.


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  1. That was an excellent expression on how a mind of a little kid will work

    Comment by Zuhair — July 6, 2013 @ 1:09 pm |Reply

    • Thankyou. It really is more about human nature though.

      Comment by Zuhair — July 6, 2013 @ 2:26 pm |Reply

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