August 29, 2013

What are your children looking at?

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Miley Cyrus dances provocatively while the world looks on. Are they applauding her or repulsively turning away? Either way, they are talking about her and her fans, especially the ones that have grown up with her, are listening. Do they follow in her footsteps or decide that what she’s doing is just wrong and ugly?

This is the situation the world is in. Celebrity hood has become a misused privilege and fame has become an abused desire! Cyrus is not the first celebrity to ‘set such an example’! Many times, news channels explode with news about celebrities ‘misbehaving’, covering too little and acting out too much.

Most responses are severe judgment or even worse, severe idolizing! Few stop to think about the effect such ‘societal nuisance’ is having on society’s future – the children!

We used to know her as Hannah Montana, celebrity singer keeping her identity private so she could have a normal life. That is how your little children used to know her too. Now, we know her as an out of control teenager, who loves to show skin and does not care how she presents herself. But what about your children? They know her as a very famous singer/actress, loved by them and possibly everyone else despite her inappropriateness. They also know her as becoming successful because of her inappropriateness!

Is this the future we want for our children? The fault here is mainly in celebrity hood. Modern celebrities have stopped thinking about their fans. All they want is popularity. As a well known celebrity, who has grown up with her fans from a very young age, Cyrus has a responsibility upon her shoulders.

Miley Cyrus has innocent eyes upon her that she needs to think about. She has a responsibility to her society and her fans not to corrupt them. As someone who is idolized by many, she has the responsibility of setting a good example and dancing around provocatively in a skin tight, half covered outfit is not setting a good example. By doing so, she is telling all those little Hannah Montana fans that it is okay to misrepresent and demean oneself in public by misbehaving.

Finally, the responsibility is not hers alone. The same principle should apply to all celebrities, who may have troubles and insecurities of their own that might lead them to ugly, horrendous and disgusting behavior.  Despite difficulties, they need to embrace the responsibilities and appreciate the difficulties that come with being in the spotlight. It is necessary for the welfare of their society, without which they would not survive to do so.



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August 25, 2013


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We are victims of this world;

victims each in his own way.

Weakened we are, and tired of sinning,

hungry to fulfill yesterday’s worthless desires again today.

We are silently aware of the poisons

that cause us to be falsely nurtured;

but craving beings are we

and so we remain victims, submittingly.

We are beings with the power to nourish our own

and the power to destroy the same.

Pathetic we are, as we seek happiness

in vices that cause our souls to cower in shame.

We are beings, knowingly aware.

Ignorant we choose to remain

for we are lost; a lost existence

in pursuit of what is insane.


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