November 28, 2013


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So limited a world.
Fenced around
And above
Feet not on the ground.

Scuttling feet
Going nowhere.
Everyone would stare.

Touch it.
Its soft and furry.
Buy it.
Reduced to papers called money.

A home reduced
To bars
Used and used

By the ones
Before they were bought
They were caught.

So limited an existence.
Bound by wire
Caged like an animal.

Caged by the people.

So limited a soul.


November 8, 2013


Filed under: Poetry — by Zuhair @ 4:59 am

Do you hear ?
Like water drops, like a waterfall.
Listen. They call.

Listen, won’t you ?
Open your eyes.
When you close them, a part of me dies.

Why won’t you listen ?
It’s shut. I don’t hear a heartbeat.
Your eyes refuse to meet.

Overwhelming tears stifle, see
I drown. Drown with me.

That’s all I ask. Strength fails.
Me. You’ve taken down the sails.

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