July 24, 2014

I am Palestine.

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I am Palestine.
War and destruction have walked upon my tender earth;
occupation has robbed me
and injustice visits me with every death and every birth.

Abused by government
and by media. Here I lie
as the world’s most cruel walk over me.
And I scream in terror. I weep. I cry.

But I am Palestine
and I am brave and I am strong.
I am alive
and I will fight for long.

Hear me when I say my days may be numbered and I may have witnessed my deaths too soon,
and my children have seen what children should not see,
but there are more of me
And there always will be.

I am Palestine
And I hold my head high
As I call upon you to hear me out and repeat as I say,
‘I am Palestine and for all the blood I have shed on it, this soil is mine’.

IMAGE: Retrieved from Google Images. 24/07/2014.


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