November 20, 2014


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He cut us up and stuck our feet

on to our legs

and lightened our knees

and darkened our skin

and took our arms

and stuck them on our shoulders

and took our palms

and stuck them on our fingers

and painted our nails

and polished our lips

and tucked our tummy in

and tightened our hips

and they were all mine

except for what was hers

but he used them

like they were all his own.

So we must take him

and cut him up

and remove his skin,

slice his flesh and hang it up

for all the world to see

his disgusting insides

as they are too blind

to see

the dirtiness of his mind.


November 18, 2014

My perfections are mine, not yours

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And what right

have they got

to decide

what size

my lips should be,

what kind of nose I must have,

what my skin should look like,

how big my feet should be,

or how long my legs should be

for me

to be


What do they have?

They have proven their imperfections

to be

much worse

than my small mouth,

large nose,

dry, wrinkled skin,

duck feet,

and short,



November 7, 2014

Forgive me

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Forgive me.

November 4, 2014

Forgive me

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Oh Palestine. Forgive me

for I have allowed this to occur.

My brothers and sisters are divided;

many not realizing sooner

that we have wronged you.

Oh Gaza. Know my regret

for having not done more

for you and your people.

We let them bomb you and make your soil sore

With agony and destruction.

Oh people of Palestine. Know my sorrow.

We should have come to your door;

we should have fought harder by your side.

Palestine, but you know,

We did nothing.

Oh sisters of Palestine,

let me mourn with you

for the brothers and fathers

and husbands you have lost

and all the others

that you have loved.

Oh brothers of Palestine,

I look up to you

for your bravery;

the same bravery you pass on to your sisters and wives

and make the rest of the world look cowardly.

Oh Palestine.

Image: Shrapnel holes in a decorated wall in the heavily damaged Sobhi Abu Karsh school in Gaza City’s al-Shejaea neighborhood on August 5, 2014. (AFP PHOTO/ MOHAMMED ABED) Retrieved from <; 04/11/2014.

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