April 8, 2015


Filed under: Poetry,Sociopolitics — by Zuhair @ 9:08 am

They were dropping bomb after bomb.

They were killing innocents every day.

They were laughing about it.

They were seeking entertainment from it.

They were merciless.

They were wicked.

And we..

We were boycotting.

We were writing ‘Free Palestine’.

and ‘Free Gaza’.

and ‘Remember Gaza’.

and we were praying for the innocents.

and we were crying for them.

Now it’s died down.

Some days there is no news;

some days they spend a couple of minutes on it.

They still have no homes.

They still have no family.

They still have no food.

Blood has still been spilled.

And we…

We have stopped boycotting.

We have stopped writing.

We have stopped praying.

We have stopped remembering.

Have we really stopped caring?


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