July 19, 2015


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31, 25, all the way to zero;

shrink it, make it small.

Count the calories,

just as much as you need. That’s all.

A spoonful of yoghurt,

perhaps a serving of fruit; a tiny portion,

a slice of white bread,

some meat if it is an occasion.

To keep it going down and down

with measuring tape in hand.

Avoid your eyes in the mirror.

Just stand.

Observe. Are the numbers right?

5’6, 6’1, all the way to up there

but not too high at all.

What’s to be done?

Chunks of shoe? Careful not to fall.

Try not to stumble;

learn the correct gait.

Find the right pairs.

Don’t forget the size. Great!

This will do.

Observe. Are the numbers right?


July 14, 2015


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A wonderful crescent adorns the sky,

pearly white and shy;

the stars watch silently

as the month of fasting approaches thee.

Wonderful nights spent in prayer,

rice and dates to share.

Meals before the crack of dawn,

and suddenly the night is gone.

Remember the poor man’s fate,

ponder about his malnourished state.

Thankfulness is all we may possess

for we realize we are truly blessed.

Turn to The Great One,

Who gave you plenty to feed your daughter and son;

thank him well, thank him true

when you feel the poor man is you.

With hungry stomachs, hours pass,

and patience accompanying our fast

we hope is rewarded by The Merciful One,

Who created the moon and the sun.

Sinfulness still prevails,

preying upon man as he fails;

late night festivities,

time spent in fun and feast.

The shy crescent gone at present,

a bold and full moon in its place.

Guard thyself patiently,

seeking The Creator’s mercy.

A wonderful crescent adorns the sky,

pearly white and shy;

the last of the blessed nights come and go

and soon the days of fasting are no more.

July 2, 2015

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

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Feet bound;

toes together

small feet.


space in between.

long legs.




Size zero;


coke bottle waist.

No wings;


firm arms.



perfect skin.



beautiful lips?



button nose?



large eyes?



shiny locks?

Feet, legs, thighs, waist, arms, face, lips, nose, eyes…

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes….

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