June 20, 2017


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They fooled you; fooled you all


—- took the jobs of the civil servants

and attached to them hefty payments.

We call ‘em salaries

but they’re a way to appease the crazies;

the big shots, ‘men in dark suits’ —

the ones who hold the keys

to all the safes in all the banks,

to the armies, the weapons and the tanks.


These? There are just titles:

President, Prime Minister, among other labels;

freak shows designed to entertain,

make you forget about the others’ pain

for entertainment is the biggest distraction

for the crazies to create destruction.

No, no, no, no. They should be working for you.

You shouldn’t even have to think of a coup.

They ought to bow down to you, my friend.

But that! That is not the trend.

Satan’s got his own plans.

He’s building settlements on stolen lands

and they gave him your money to do it.

You call them on it. They say, ‘Bullshit!’

and before you can argue

you’re drowning in ‘truths’ that were never true.

They lie through their teeth.

They know you are sheep.

Sheeple, say it enough times, it becomes a reality;

so real, as real as you or me.


Take off those screens glued to your eyes,

and you will start to hear their children’s cries.

Pull out those earphones stuck in your ears

and you will start to see their mothers’ tears.

Your tongue’s wagging. Hold it still.

Find the evidence before it kills.

Open your ears, close your eyes.

This situation is of a much larger size.

Use that brain inside your head

before you find more people dead

just because you were brainwashed


while your President and his mates went golfing.


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