August 19, 2016


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imageThe desert does not see rain as often as the mountain.

For someone who lives in the Middle East, experiencing the rain in the summer, while on vacation in Srilanka, is indeed rare.

September 13, 2015

A melancholy state

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The beautiful moon cannot glow,

and the rivers cannot so softly flow;

The shy plants cannot turn away,

and the silent night,

sprinkled with secret sounds,

cannot be stolen by day,

as long as we are so separate,

as separate as the moon and the sun,

and the sand and the sky

in so melancholy a state.


Image: Charles Codman. Cabin in the Woods.  1828.

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August 20, 2015


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Abundantly, emotion splashes

like the waves along the shore;

and ever so gently, warmth powders

the beating heart, causing it to sore.

I see, when my eyes are closed

and hurt when my eyes are open,

and not a day goes by

when I do not feel broken.

But I hold on to this,

this, that is as brilliant and golden

as the disappearing sun,

inviting nights which from us, are stolen.


Image: A city at the river in sunset – Joseph Mallord William Turner

November 7, 2014

Forgive me

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Forgive me.

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